Hello again! Remember us? I know it has been far too long since we’ve posted. For good reason; between a new baby, wedding season, and Seattle’s short BBQ season, there has been much to do for us Maris girls. In the midst of this chaos, I thought I’d share a recipe that I’m trying out this Sunday at our annual summer birthday bash. I just discovered this blog. Ooh la la. I think I’ve struck gold on this one.


Food is like fashion: It comes and goes with time.  There are trends that flash then fizzle, and then there are the little black dresses that withstand the passage of time and are considered classic.  Figs with goat cheese and prosciutto are in the little black dress category.

The key to timeless food combinations lies in the origin of the ingredients.  Figs, goat cheese and prosciutto (or dried, salted meat) are locally grown and produced products hailing from the hills of the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Middle East where the cuisines naturally reflect locally grown and raised food. No fancy accoutrements needed; this is the stuff of slow food.  Whether you call it timeless, more-ish, umami, or simply satisfying, the common denominator is it strikes a primal chord in all of us, bringing us back for more.

This recipe showcases the ancient fig, one of the first plants cultivated by humans.  Figs are high in calcium, fiber, potassium and…

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Steven & Ashleigh 7-16-11

We had the pleasure of working with Steven & Ashleigh for their July wedding this summer. They are the perfect pair and FUN is the best word to describe them! Every ounce of the ceremony and reception was so personal that if you came to the wedding not knowing them, you would have left feeling like you had for years. From the thoughtful vows they wrote to each other, to the delicious favors (a German treat they loved to have when they lived there) they shared with their guests, the love this couple shares for each other was felt by everyone present. Not only are they adorable, they know how to have a great time! The bride and groom rocked the dance floor until the wee-hours with nearly all of their guests…to including Grandmother Betty & Great Aunt Etta! It was a beautiful evening and we thoroughly enjoyed every moment we were lucky enough to spend with these two! We wish you the best Mr. and Mrs. Beard! Thanks to Kaylee Eylander for the amazing photos!