A fun little DIY tidbit!

Hello lovelies! I am hoping this blog post finds you all well! I want to share a fun DIY craft with you to add a little something special to your wedding day (or makes a great gift!) without spending much more than a few bucks!

I love crafting. I adore crafting. I am somewhat (a lot) obsessed with crafting. For some reason each year I decide it is a good idea to hand make nearly every Christmas gift I give and this year was no exception. The moment that I find myself up to my eyeballs in paint, glue, ribbon, glitter, paper and more, I tend to second guess myself. However, when that long worked on project finally rounds the bend to becoming its final state…I do a little happy dance in my head and think, “Ah, that was worth it!” And really, it always is because personalized gifts are always more special than something just picked off a store shelf. This leads me to share my latest DIY with you.

Over Christmas I made some adorable wooden signs for family and friends. I am a big recycler when it comes to crafting (yes, that bow that you gave me on my last gift is destined to become something else and probably returned to you in it’s new form.) Just before Christmas, I found myself in the midst of lots of unused 1×4’s in our shed (thanks hubby for building those planter boxes last summer!) . I couldn’t stand the thought of them just sitting there and had been wanting to make some cute rustic wooden signs for a while…so I put them to use. Here are a few pictures of the ones I created for gifts.



With the Northwest Bridal Showcase coming up, I knew I could incorporate some fun signs to put in our booth space. And so, began the project of Bride & Groom signs. I think they turned out pretty cute, don’t you?!

ImageAnd now for the [super easy] tutorial:

1. Find a piece of wood. Any scrap piece will do! Or, go to your local hardware store and buy one.

2. Sand any rough spots with a piece of sand paper.

3. Paint it. I used some plain ‘ol white paint that we had left over from painting our house, but you can use any color!

Image4. Print out whatever saying you would like to put on it. Just use Microsoft Word (or a similar program) to print the saying in a very large font size on regular paper.

5.  Lay the printed saying on top of the board and tape it in place on one side. Only tape the paper on one side so that you can slip transfer paper underneath it. (excuse my wrapping paper table protection)


6. Slip a piece of graphite paper underneath your saying so that you can trace around each letter and transfer the saying onto the wood.Image


7. Using a fine paint brush, paint in the letters. Or just outline them…whatever you like. Here is the finished product of this sign. (I did not distress this sign.)


And here is a close up of the Bride sign. I did distress this one. To do so, take a fine grit sand paper and lightly sand over the top until you have achieved the desired effect.


8. Attach a ribbon with some hot glue or a nail and hang on the backs of your chairs at your wedding reception to add a little something extra special.

Happy crafting! Cheers!

As I sift through thousands (upon thousands) of wedding and event photos, looking for the right shots for our new website, I came across these gems from the fall before last. I can’t wait for our next staged shoot that will be announced in the weeks to come. We Maris girls are gearing up! In the meanwhile, a little fall color for your viewing pleasure…

Maris Events

My dear and talented friend Rebecca (Rebecca Stackhouse Photography) and I had a blast photographing and styling (respectively) this fall fashion shoot at the Seattle arboretum. A big thank you to our lovely and delightful model (artist) Megan Meyers, who makes posing in the freezing cold look easy. All of the beautiful jewelry was on loan from local artist Bryn (Bryn Collection). 

See the full photo collection here.

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We love Althauser Design. We had the pleasure of working with Theresa at the Wedding Preview Event this last October, and were smitten with Theresa’s textured, playful and yet classic arrangements. We knew she was a great fit for our booth’s theme at the Northwest Bridal Showcase. We gave her our colors: pale green, yellow, gray, cream and ballet pink… and this is what she made!

Althauser Design

Happy New Year!   Over the holiday season many young couples announced their engagements to their friends and family and are now looking at attending one of the many bridal shows happening throughout early spring.  My daughter had eight of her friends announce their engagement at Christmas!

Maris Events is participating in the Northwest Bridal Show at Tulalip Resort and Casino this weekend and asked me to prepare some floral arrangements for their “Burlap and Lace” themed booth.  Long time friends Meredith and Alissa are Maris Events, a wonderful team of event coordinators located in the Seattle area who I had the pleasure of working with for the Wedding Preview Event  in October.

Ballet slipper pink, pale gold, white, cream, gray and pops of soft green were the colors I was asked to work with and, as luck would have it, they had a terrific selection at the wholesale market…

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Win free tickets to the Wedding Preview Event!


Hello all of you lovely brides-to-be (grooms too)! We have been working on a special event that is coming up in October- the 14th to be exact- and we want you to be part of it! The Wedding Preview Event is like no wedding show you have ever seen. Say goodbye to rows of vendor booths and say hello to amazement!!!! Come and be entertained with the production of 4 life-like (over the top, I might add) weddings and meet the brilliant minds behind their creations afterward. After the show, spend time chatting with Seattle’s top wedding vendors in each of their elaborately designed studio spaces…while sipping their signature cocktails and tantalize your tastebuds with the finest catering around. There will be a little something to satisfy all of your senses in this new, dynamic approach to a wedding show. It is a must if you are getting married, know someone who is, or just like a good time in general!

Best of all…we are giving away free tickets!!!

Tell us what your dream wedding looks like (imagine that you have an unlimited budget) and we will award the most creative story with two free tickets to the show! Please send all entries to contact@marisevents.com with WPE Tickets as the subject. Winner will be announced October 6th!

Check out the show’s website at www.weddingpreviewevent.com 

See you there! Cheers!

the little things

Details, details. Oh, how they make a difference! One of our favorite hobbies is paper crafting and it has been really fun to incorporate in our weddings! Personalized touches like place cards, table numbers, menus, programs, banners and signage make a big impression on your guests. We spent many hours this past week crafting our handmade creations for our wedding yesterday and wanted to share with you! What a lovely day it was!









Hello again! Remember us? I know it has been far too long since we’ve posted. For good reason; between a new baby, wedding season, and Seattle’s short BBQ season, there has been much to do for us Maris girls. In the midst of this chaos, I thought I’d share a recipe that I’m trying out this Sunday at our annual summer birthday bash. I just discovered this blog. Ooh la la. I think I’ve struck gold on this one.


Food is like fashion: It comes and goes with time.  There are trends that flash then fizzle, and then there are the little black dresses that withstand the passage of time and are considered classic.  Figs with goat cheese and prosciutto are in the little black dress category.

The key to timeless food combinations lies in the origin of the ingredients.  Figs, goat cheese and prosciutto (or dried, salted meat) are locally grown and produced products hailing from the hills of the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Middle East where the cuisines naturally reflect locally grown and raised food. No fancy accoutrements needed; this is the stuff of slow food.  Whether you call it timeless, more-ish, umami, or simply satisfying, the common denominator is it strikes a primal chord in all of us, bringing us back for more.

This recipe showcases the ancient fig, one of the first plants cultivated by humans.  Figs are high in calcium, fiber, potassium and…

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Maris Events Now Offers Vintage Rentals!

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering vintage rentals for your special day!
Instead of going through the hassle of purchasing decor pieces for your wedding day and worrying about what to do with them once the wedding is over, you can simply rent ours and be worry free! They will add the perfect, personalized touch to your day! We have been collecting for quite some time now and are excited to share our treasures with you! If you see something you like, contact us!


Available: vintage bench, pink chalkboard sign, milk glass vases (about 30 of these), lace pieces (about 30 of these), vintage suitcase


Available: vintage fireplace, shabby chic pots (10 of these), taper candle holder


Available: candle sticks (2 of them), lace overlay, burlap runner (about 13 of these), “Happily Ever After” needlepoint sign, mini succulent pots- yellow (3 of these), lace pieces (about 30 of these)


Available: mini milk jugs (2 of each color)


Available: tall white candle holders (2 of these)


Available: Tall white table/display stand


Available: chalk board sign, grey embellished container, silver tray

(c) Letter M Photography

Available: mini chandelier votive holders

(c) Letter M Photography

Available: Tall vintage vase

(c) Letter M Photography

Available: 6 small glass jars

(c) Letter M Photography

Available: small silver platter

(c) Letter M Photography

Available: mini milk jugs with holder

(c) Letter M Photography

Available: Tall blue milk container (2 of these)

(c) Letter M Photography

AAvailable: green planter/container

Available: Burlap runners (about 10 of these)

Available: assorted large lace pieces

Available: assorted centerpiece size lace pieces (about 30 of these)

Available: wooden Scrabble letters and holders

Available: blue chalkboard sign

Available: chalkboard sandwich board sign (double sided), milk glass vases (about 30 of these)

Available: wooden pink tray

Available: vintage cake plates-assorted sizes (3 of these), burlap runner (about 10 of these), assorted lace pieces (about 30 of these), milk glass vase (about 30 of these)

Available: iron lantern, mini milk jugs (6 of these in assorted colors), green crate, assorted lace pieces (about 30 of these)

Available: tall green wooden candle holder

2012 Snohomish Wedding Tour

Last Sunday we had the opportunity to be part of this year’s Snohomish Wedding Tour! Although it was a grey, rainy day, (in true Northwest style) the turnout was good and we loved meeting some fabulous brides and working with some fantastic vendors. The tour provides a unique opportunity for couples to tour 13 venues in Snohomish all filled with the area’s best vendors. We spent our second year in a row at Maroni Meadows and enjoyed it thoroughly. Maroni Meadows is a lovely outdoor venue located just off of HWY 9 boasting lush grounds and a charming rustic atmosphere. With it’s sprawling nature, the site can accommodate weddings of 200 people yet has a unique intimate feeling. The Maroni’s are a fantastic couple and we truly loved working with them again. The awesome vendor team who we had the privilege of spending the day with consisted of Jenny GG Photography, Grand Event Rentals, Cabbage Patch Catering, Otto-Matic Mobilie Music, I’ll Have What She’s Having (cakes) and Pour Girls and Some Guys bar tending service.

To match the lovely atmosphere of Maroni’s, we decided to go with a burlap and lace vintage theme for decor and are excited to share some photos with you! We have had a fun time collecting vintage rentals to offer to couples and you can see them showcased below.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage ImageImage



ImageImage ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Some Favorite DIY Goodies

Ahhh….spring is upon us, which means that we are headed full speed into wedding season. With that said, we wanted to share some of our favorite DIY ideas that we have seen recently. We love DIY touches because they add charm and personalization to your day and save you money. Besides, your guests will be talking about them long after you say your vows. Happy crafting!

What a lovely and easy DIY centerpiece idea. Using wood rounds for the bases, simply top with a variety of unique bottles filled with flowers and tie a pretty piece of fabric around them to tie in your colors.

We adore this backdrop idea! The best part is that you can make it out of fishing line and styrofoam! Extremely inexpensive and pretty. It would be lovely behind a head table or ceremony area.

These lovely little flowers would be just darling in the center of each place with place cards attached to them! Use any kind of scrapbooking paper to tie in your colors or theme!

Throwing flower petals at your wedding? What a gorgeous, inexpensive way to contain them before the tossing!

Add charm to a plain paper lantern by gluing coffee filters to it!

These rustic signs are so popular right now and extremely easy to make! A pole, a few scraps of wood and some paint and you have yourself a personalized piece of art.

We absolutely adore these containers that have been decoupaged with lace! What a fun way to add charm and texture to plain old vases1

A simple border punch add all of the character to these simple lunch bags. Adorn with a homemade tag and you have pretty, inexpensive little favor bags!

Rather than renting glasses, take a trip to goodwill or garage sales and collect mason/canning jars to use for drinks! Tie a scrap of pretty cloth around them to add character and incorporate your colors.

Create pretty hanging pieces by simply attaching pearls or other pretty beads/gems to a styrofoam ball. Attach a piece of ribbon or fabric to be hung with to the top.

What a fun and "green" way to personalize water containers or vases!

An easy DIY using an old photo frame and a pretty piece of scrapbook paper to create a multi-functional tray.