DIY Centerpiece Tips

Are you a bride on a budget? Or perhaps you have a creative streak that runs deep? There are many good reasons to opt for do-it-yourself centerpieces. Unlike other aspects of putting on a fabulous wedding, creative and quality centerpieces can be put together without breaking the bank or looking like your kid brother did it.

There are a few things to consider. Stay with your theme. Think season, location, colors, time of day, style; that way your center pieces help bring a sense of continuity to the whole event. Scale is important. Too little and you run of risk of blah, too grandiose or large and you can overwhelm (or block) the whole table.

Design tip: group with varying height and in odd numbers. Minimize waste and kill a couple of proverbial birds with one stone by using your centerpieces as favors for guests or gifts for the bridal party. Borrow what you can, and check craigslist, bridal site bulletins, thrift stores, ebay, etsy, and wholesale sites for deals. Just don’t wait till the last minute. Show your personality and a little panache by branching out from boring floral arrangements. Speaking of branching out….well… more on that in a minute…Here are some ideas:

 Think edible! Bring pops of color with large bowls, vases, etc filled with candy. Everyone knows cupcake fever is sweeping the nation; why not make them a visual focus?  Enlist a baking talented friend or family member to make full sized or mini cupcakes and put them on cake stands, and tiers on the tables. Let guests take them homes as favors, or in lieu of cake.

Large vases or cake stands filled or piled with fruit. Citrus is always a favorite, with bold pops of color. Peach or cherry season? Utilize abundant local fruit or flowers. You are sure to get them at a decent price.

Do you have a green thumb? Plant pots of wheatgrass, scotch moss, Corsican mint, lavender, small leaf ivy varieties, rosemary, or if you are really talented train one of the fore mentioned ivy or rosemary into topiaries. 

Staying on the natural theme… if it is winter, you can incorporate pinecones, cranberries, holly (leaves and berries) evergreen boughs, etc. Or try tree rounds (3-5″ thick) nestled in moss with tea lights and tapers interspersed. Or moss with bird nests and blue robin eggs. Branches are wonderful! They add vertical height but are thin enough to see the person across the table. Natural, painted, or adorned with ornaments or hanging beads or jewels. 

Water jewels also have many possibilities. These little miracles absorb water and look so cool in vases. They look like little clear bubbles, and feel like jelly. Use with flower arrangements, dye with food coloring, or drop in submergible LED lights for a really cool effect. Arrange vases with water jewel as well as bead and bobbles. See our table above from our last wedding show (please excuse the bad florescent lighting.) Wrap the tops of vases with ribbon to add pops of color.


Try submerging flowers, leaves and/or berries in vases with water. One of our favorite winter versions is holly leaves and berries; nice pops of color with ease. Compliment it with a mirror underneath and tea lights for lots of sparkle. We even did one wedding with a beta fish swimming around in the vases. Just don’t put more than one per vase unless you want to give your guests more action than they might expect. They sure are ornery little buggers. 

The ideas are really quite endless. The trick with all DIY wedding projects is to make sure you plan properly. Start ahead of time when sourcing materials and making needed items. Also make sure you have enough support. Enlist family and friends for installation and day-of décor. Or better yet, enjoy the day with friends and family drinking mimosas and taking photos, and get your day-of coordinator (Maris Events) to do it all.

Happy planning and creating!


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